If Las Vegas and Santa Cruz had a baby…

...I'd be in that baby right now.

That’s right folks, our wacky New Media Roadtrip has officially arrived in Amsterdam. The wireless connection where we’re staying is rather unreliable, but other than that I find Amsterdam really charming. We’re a bit far from central Amsterdam, but we’re smack dab in the middle of the museum quarter and right outside a gorgeous park with willows and branches and sculptures.

Unfortunately, I thought I left my camera in my room the day a bunch of wandered through the whole city, only to find it in the bottom of my purse as soon as we left the picturesque areas. I only managed to snap this one picture of a relatively unlovely canal. As I assume they say in Dutch “Whaaattevaar.”

On an only slightly related note, I’d never want to play Dutch Wheel of Fortune, because all you’d do is buy vowels.

Also, I hope you enjoy the new graphics on the sidebar. Much thanks to all those who helped me compose them, especially Tom, Andrea, and Caitlin (who’s very hard to make, by the way, and could probably use some suggestions on how to improve her icon) and all I coerced into picking shirts for me. If you want to make your own South Park type things go to this website. It’s definitely the best character generator out there and has the coolest hair options.

So, as you can see, I spent the limited online time I had very wisely and in an academic manner. A more intellectually engaging post and less South Park-full post coming soon.

Hmm. For some reason, the pictures aren't showing up in the sidebar,despite them appearing when I previewed my template changes. Don't worry, it's a work in progress and soon they'll be up and running. Sorry.

---Edit Again!---
So it turns out that the quotation marks in my code were in the wrong font. Go figure. Enjoy the South Park New Media Roadtrippers!


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