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Swinging into Action with Robin Hood

ROBIN: He robs from the rich to give to the poor. As a rich person, I can see how you'd find that threatening. But the poor call it justice.

This weekend, the kiddo and I took a trip down south for the opening of my adaptation of Robin Hood at Serenbe Playhouse.  As is always the case with the playhouse, they pulled out all the stops, staging the show in an actual forest with ziplines. Ziplines! Robin makes his entrance flying over the audience and somersaulting into a sword fight, slinging wisecracks left and right.

I am always amazed by how things come together in a theater. Working on a show, there is almost always a moment when it seems like everything is going to be a disaster. But, there's some sort of alchemy that happens when you've got a team of people working so hard and so well that transforms all this raw potential into a real show. I was blown away by the apprentice company and the creative team at the Playhouse and how they made the show happen. The apprentic…

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