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Where is my phone: a poem

Okay, but seriously I know I had it this morning And now it is gone
I retraced my steps I sat in that chair, but I moved, right? It is not on the bookshelf It is not in the bathroom It is not in the kitchen, not even on top of the microw-
hold on
Dammit. Last time it was on top of the microwave This time it is not
The ringer's on silent, Because I was rehearsing last night and I wanted to be “respectful” But I did not turn the ringer back on because I was “absent minded”
And now the baby is playing with my purse She's wrapping the strap over her shoulder and strutting confidently around the living room She has places to go, this baby She has many important errands to run and she looks so freaking cute
I want to take a picture so badly
so I can show her how precocious she was when she actually has places to go and many important errands to run
I want to keep this moment trapped, held, pressed between glass and silicon until data loses meaning and we all drift into the ether
Now she's dancing She's t…

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