Video Mastodons and a Trip Back in Time

We've got two more weekends left for "The Impracticality of Modern-Day Mastodons" at Hole in the Wall Theater, and I've got two videos to share.

First is the charming and towering Robb Ecker, who puppeteers half of Jess the mastodon.

Second is me, talking about where the play comes from and doing my best imitation of a girl in a brown sweater trying to be a mastodon.

It's funny, I actually posted a snippet of the mastodon script on this blog way back in March of 2010 - the beginnings of the first Clint & Jess scene.

Here's what Past-Rachel had to say about that:
I recently joined The Playwrights Center, partly for access to their kick-ass opportunities list, and partly to keep tabs on my Workhaus Collective buddies, and I'm definitely going to try and submit more scripts around this year. I was particularly inspired by Centenary Stage's Mastodon Challenge and decided to write a short Mastodon play in a month. And open a show. And find a day job. And stop being a hermit in my apartment all the time.

I was actually making really good headway, and I was
an interrogation scene and a mystical visitation away from actually finishing my Mastodon Play, when February 27th rolled around, and I had all day rehearsals for one show and performances for another all weekend and a brand new job and Doctor Who to catch up on, and I decided that I loved that Mastodon Play too much to vomit out an ending and let it out into the big wide world.

Four years later, I'm in the midst of a fully staged workshop production with a full sized mastodon puppet. It's a pretty cool feeling, actually.

Also, the original title was "Dress Up Trunk." Huh. Interesting call, Past-Rachel. Interesting call.


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