Minnesota Playlistin'

Hey cats and kittens, just thought I'd pull your eyeballs over to some of the work I've been doing with Minnesota Playlist. It's an online magazine about the theater scene in the land of ten thousand lakes, and I'm really proud of the work I've been doing. Plus, I got to dig through Creative Commons images for pictures of women in chicken hats, like this one.

So, here are a few of the articles and reviews I've written so far, and there's more coming soon.

A Writer's Resolutions for 2017

"Let's kick 2017 in the butt, starting right now. Let's make mid-month resolutions and keep them. Let's speak up and make art. Let's be dumb and awesome in extravagant hats. And let's reach out and grab one another's paws, and like sea otters, float off together into a brighter future."

Can You Ever Really Walk in Someone Else's Shoes?

A review of the Guthrie's Production of Jackie Sibblies Drury's We Are Proud to Present a Presentation About the Herero of Namibia, Formerly known as Southwest Africa, From the German S├╝dwestafrika, Between the Years 1884-1915

"In the end, I think Drury’s piece is nuanced and visceral and specific and fascinating, but I don’t think that the Guthrie’s production serves it completely. There’s a hesitation to the metatheatrics. I never forgot that the interjections and equivocations were scripted, that the violence was staged."

Connection Beneath the Sea and Stars

A feature on a staged reading of a Harrison David Rivers piece at the Playwrights Center

"I had finally caught Moonlight the day before, so this play fit neatly into the “Stories of Men Connecting Romantically in Florida Near the Ocean Written by Exemplary Young Black Playwrights With Three Names” Festival I had concocted for myself."


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