Un Mystère Français

Unbeknownst to most of you readers, I have been watching you.
 Exhibit A: Peeps in a jar of vodka.

Watching you until my eyes fell off and floated around, like a marshmallow Peep in a jar of vodka.

 (Trust me, they do fall off and float around. Something about their waxy little sugar eyes makes them less susceptible to dissolution than their marshmallow-y, sugar coated bodies, making their inevitable demise extra morbid as you make your spring cocktails.)


I have a cute little device on the bottom of the blog from Sitemeter that keeps track of basic information about people finding this blog - what site referred them, how long they stayed, where they clicked in and out, and occasionally where they're from. Usually, it's because they're trying to find the source of a puppy picture, or because they searched for "Robo-Boobs" and were disappointed.

But today, I found a visit from someone in Strasbourg, France, capital of the Alsace region. This isn't particularly weird, I get hits from other countries fairly often, it's the world wide web, after all. But this person wasn't looking for a Ruth Orkin photograph, or even robotic bosoms.

They had gone to google.fr and typed in "the ever and after rachel teagle play."

I kind of freaked out. How did someone in France of all places find out about that script? And then find me, successfully? And why didn't they leave a comment or send me a message or something? They just passed through, like a French ship in the night.

I suspect it stems from Manhattan Theatre Works' recent announcement that "The Ever and After" was a semi-finalist for their Newborn Festival, which is pretty damn fantastic, given that there were 561 plays submitted. They announced it with a very dramatically scored video on their Facebook page; my favorite part is at about 2:08, FYI. So, perhaps they were googling all 57 finalists and semi-finalists? Or just the ones whose last names rhymed with majestic birds?

I'm just dying to know why they were looking for me, because if they're interested in my little post-apocalyptic adventure play about a talking cockroach, his feral human ward, and the robotic woman they rescue, I definitely want to be found. 
So, if, on August 23rd at 12:22 AM,  you were googling "the ever and after rachel teagle play", come back and leave me a comment or a message. S'il vous plaît?



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