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It's that time of year again.

In my house, Christmas means dragging box after box of nutcrackers out of the attic, sneaking the batteries out of the singing santa wreath, and inviting several hundred people over to decorate gingerbread houses.

I managed to catch only the last wave of the insanity, but I managed to catch it on tape. This is the first in a series of videos about my family’s Christmas traditions. I’m hoping that some of my Roadtrip buddies are going to document some of their holiday traditions, too. (ahem, Jenny)

Also, this year we finally caved in and bought one of those light up animals to put on the lawn. Ours is a baby sea. His name is Clubby.

Enjoy the video!


Bicyclemark said…
Im concerned about Ginger Urban Sprawl.

ALso -- that was not unlike watching a A-Team Episode.
Karina said…
WHOA...your mom is amazing!

My mom and I made gingerbreadmen for the first time was fun and turned out well, but I don't think we'll ever rise to your mom's gingerbread level.

Can't wait to see the next stuff!
Ben said…
oh man, that was incredible. I'm sort of hoping you make a bunch of gingerbread people with like missing legs and crutches and stuff like that and make it into a gingerbread refugee camp. Question--how hard would it be to create a gingerbread watchtower with little gingerbread troops within, watching over?
laura said…
Holy crap. I agree with Ben; I like the idea of a gingerbread dystopia, with gingerbread cameras and searchlights and even a Big Brother. He could be a giant gingerbread man like in Shrek 2!
SK said…
the guitar and drums make your mom one badass gingerbread chef. The one time I tried making a gingerbread house, it fell down and made a big frostingy mess. But I didn't have a rockin soundtrack. Yeah, that must be it.
Sarah said…
grr... I wrote you a very nic message and blogger deleted it... grrr... n e ways as I was saying.

I love your mom's anual gingerbread madness... sadly I was not able to partake in this years fiasco.
I hope that next year I will be able to return to my Gingerbread Dutchess state... I like that Sarah the Dutchess of Gingerbread... LOL Of course you are the Princess and your Mommy is Queen of all Gingerbreaddyness... OoO your mom should go on the food network with her gingerbread houses... hmmm yes, yes she should.

How is my old turkey Eva doing is Ally looking after her?
Anonymous said…
...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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