Birthday Blog (sort of)

This seems to be the year where everyone around me is starting to either figure out where they are going, or realize that they don't have a clue and panic.

It's fun. Gone is the "no one understands me and I am all alone in the universe with all of my raging emotions tearing me apart" angst, and here comes the "holy crap, I'm a real person and I have to be responsible for my own actions" angst.

But first, I had a fairly ridiculous party centered around one of my favorite Christmas gifts - the I-TATTOO a temporary tattoo pen with real vibrating tattoo needle action! (Also marketed under the name GR8 TaT2) It comes with some sweet stencils - scorpions, bulldogs, anchors, a guitar with "Rock!" written over it - just what the hard-core third graders pictured on the box or a bunch of overworked college students need to "get inked."

My co-party hosts and I decided this was a bring your own beard party, and if you did not bring your own (as these two clever New Media Roadtrippers did), we'd graciously draw one on you ourselves. It eventually devolved into everyone drawing on each other with washable markers. I got a pretty sweet flying heart thing drawn on my arm by Carleton's favorite cartoonist, Mr. Nelson.

I've actually really missed posting to this blog. I've been overrun with work and the awesome play I'm directing (Last Summer at Bluefish Cove by Jane Chambers, expect more on that later), and I miss making little videos and posting them and stuff. I'm a few Indian pop songs away from finishing one about my friend's mom teaching us how to make Aloo Parota, and I'll probably manage to finagle the podcasts I make for my journalism class into video blogs. Teehee! Sneaky! The one thing that discourages me are all the bizarre spam comments I've been getting lately. Anyone know how to stop them?

I should probably get back to enjoying my other birthday presents - a fresh blanket of snow and a nasty head cold. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of my friends middle-school dancing to "Take My Breath Away." Clearly, we're ready for the real world.


Hillary said…
but rachel...where are our boobs? why did they not make an appearance in your blog!

Hrmph I say.

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