Look, Ma! I'm a Real Comic!

Here's my set for the Women Stand Up! Comedy Cabaret at the Bryant Lake Bowl a few weeks back. Much thanks and love to everyone who could make it out there. For those of you bummed out that you missed it or are dying to relive the experience, check out the sweet video.


And yes, in the freeze frame I am being a velociraptor.


Julia said…
Woo Rachel!!!! I'm glad to see that you're still doing stand up. Did your mom really read Jurassic Park to you when you were little? Because my mom did too. That's how I learned what intestines are.
Draskireis said…
Teagle, darling, that was awesome. Particularly the children --> velociraptor bit. <3
Sumo said…
I love the age bit: late twenties...?
I also think senility will kick in way before I hit 40 so speak for yourself, Cougar Lady.
Leesie said…
California truly IS the land of the Cougars! Loved it!

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