Gingerbread Blues

Somewhere in California, hundreds of cookie houses stand ready for decorating and devouring. Yes, the time has come once more for Gingerbread Partying of epic proportions.

I've missed it the last few years due to school and job, but I especially miss it now. The impending move has covered me in a thick cloud of nostalgia. As I frantically make Christmas presents and wonder how I possibly accumulated so many possessions, part of me just wants to grab a pack of gum and some smarties and make a gummi shark pit.

This is a re-post, but 'tis the season for nostalgia.

Here's "Gingerbread: The Making of the Madness", which documents the baking process

And "The Gingerbread Party: Sweet Chaos", shot at the actual event

A Gingerbread Helicopter was built. It was badass. Mega badass.

Craftster is running a Gingerbread House contest coming up, and they have some pretty sweet houses under their "Gingerbread" tag including Star Wars Gingerbread, Greats of Russian literature rendered in Gingerbread, and, of course a Gingerbread Whorehouse. Be forewarned, the Gingerbread Whorehouse is chock full of Gingerbread Whores. Don't say I didn't warn you. I made a Moulin Rouge house one year that was pretty awesome, but did not include genitalia molded out of starburst. There's always next year?

So, Happy Gingerbreading to all of you out in California! Decapitate an extra gummi bear for me!


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