The Teagle has Landed!

So, the whole "Hotlanta" thing is clearly a cruel, cruel hoax. That is a FOUNTAIN OF ICE, produced by the cruelly timed cold snap hitting the southeast just as I arrive from the frozen north. Granted, it is nowhere near as cold as what those stalwart folk in the great state of Minnesota are experiencing (negative double digits? double lame), and I acknowledge the bravery and stoicism of my northern brethren, but DAMMIT!! Somehow the cold has followed me. Fountain of ice? In HOTlanta? Distinctly NOT awesome.

Next week, temperatures here should go back up to a balmy 40 (hooray!) and I shall dance around in shorts, and pretend it's actually balmy.

So, I'm in, and safe, and tales of my recent adventures shall follow. After a two week road trip, a wedding (where they cut the cake with a sword!), a family trip to the coast, two pirate restaurants, several large IKEA pieces, and far too many FOUNTAINS OF ICE, the whirlwind frenzy of moving is subsiding.

And yes, Minnesotans, I miss you all. Now take your ice back.


Max said…
Noh, noh... you keep it. We wouldn't knoah whaat to do with a FOUNTAIN of ice, dont'cha knoah?

Though it was very... thoughtful, sweetie.

p.s. we miss you too

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