"Cynic" Goes Rogue

Finally, West Coast fans of me (like my mom and brother and fake sisters) can get the Rachel Teagle they deserve! For the first time since high school, a production directed by me opens on the West Coast. That's right. Coming soon to a cow town near you, Katherine Glover's Fringe hit "A Cynic Tells Love Stories" humbly directed by yours truly.

I've gotten a few semi-harried phone calls from Ms. Glover as she prepared for the Rogue Festival in Fresno, including the arduous preparation for an interview at the crack of dawn that she had thought was for radio, but was actually for television.


Don't worry, she did splendidly, as you can see.

She had a really strong opening weekend and an absolute blast with all the Fresnans. It seems a little incongruous to me that the same town where my 4H group picked up their swine has this kickass little theatre festival, but everyone who tours through there has nothing but glowing things to say about it. The audience is great and they are really welcoming to out of town acts. If I get the time and the balls, I may tour through there someday too.

It's kind of a neat time for me right now. I've got "Cynic" wooing the West Coast, I'm helping with a dance show here in Atlanta, and a short play of mine was just accepted into a festival in New York. Details to follow. Once I get the press release, I will do a little happy dance and show it to every single person I can find.

So, if you're in the area, definitely pop in. She's at "Million Two" and has three shows left - Thursday March 11th at 8:30, Friday March 12th at 10:00 and Saturday March 13th at 7:00. Make sure you stay and bug Katherine. Maybe buy her a cider, if she isn't hiding under the table...


Max said…
Yay you and your shows!

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