World of Silents

This weekend, I'm performing in Fly-By Theatre's World of Silents, a show based on personal narrative and silent film. I'm exciting to be actually acting onstage (although being a stage management robot who found God in The Annunciation...sort of was a very challenging and fulfilling role indeed), and I get to roll around on the floor and make sound effects and potentially make polio jokes.

It's a tough show to describe. It's an entirely company created show, which I don't think was the original intention, and it combines some silent film footage with moments in our lives where we lose our voices and lose control. It's movement heavy, which I'm starting to really dig, and the ensemble has been an enormous amount of fun to work with. I've learned heaps and heaps.

We're performing in the back space at 7 Stages this weekend (June 11-13) and we'd love to see your bright and shining faces. To whet your appetite, here's a clip of Clara Bow in It that inspired us in our process.

I can't wait for hat-grapes to make a comeback.


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