Carl Nelson Was Missing

Carl Nelson is nuts.

That's the first thing most people would tell you, and anyone who spent time around him would agree: Carl Nelson is absolutely nuts. He was an inferno of ideas, of energy, of wacky voices, and crazy characters and comics and art and everything. Carl Nelson is nuts. And he's brilliant.

We went to college together, and he was in Minneapolis for a few years after, then he disappeared to one of the Dakotas, and I was afraid I'd lose him, as he was not internet-able, and being both nuts and brilliant, was tough to keep a hold on.

But he has re-emerged. With a beautiful tumblr full of sketches and paintings and comics, and other evidence of a nutty brilliant person working his butt off.

Go see for yourself.

One of my favorites is a short comic called Blind Spot, a lovely little semi-sci-fi tidbit.

Go ahead, you can go read it.

I'll wait...



In other news, The Ugly Duckling opens tomorrow. was profiled in the Sunday edition of the AJC with a nice lovely picture of everyone underwater. And, as my mother pointed out, I was the only playwright cited by name, and I quote: "And playwright Rachel Teagle is penning a new adaptation of the classic that will include pop culture references to Brangelina and Neil Patrick Harris, plus characters based on Paris Hilton (a chicken) and Nicole Richie (a cat).*"
(*Although technically, Cat and Chicken are based on the Olsen twins, specifically these Olsen twins, but whatever. Close enough!)

We open tomorrow. I am nervous and excited. I hope no one drowns or gets eaten by fish.


Proud of you! Wish I could see this SO BADLY. Break many legs!

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