Then there was a Hurricane

It's very cute to look at how excited and naive I was several days ago. Because pretty much immediately after I posted that, Hurricane Irene was upgraded from "eh, whatever" to "a big giant deal." All Fringe events over the weekend were cancelled. All events over the weekend were cancelled. Many flights were cancelled, including my flight and back-up flight.

So, I rolled into town Tuesday afternoon, instead of Friday night, giving me 2 and a half days instead of a glorious weekend.

But, I got here in time for this!

The First Annual Truffle Hunt New Play Festival!

That I opened!

With my play!

That I wrote!

About Mastodons!

And I had some lovely friends come out of the woodwork, both Lynbrook and Carleton people, and had a lovely time with them.

And I get to see it again tonight.

So, take that hurricane! You can't ruin everything.


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