Philly Fringe Continues!

The Rep Theatre in Philadelphia is producing my short play "Supplies" in their Fringe show, as part of "Girl on Gurl" - a, quote "pairing 6 female playwrights with 6 female directors in an estrogen-induced salute to GURL POWER." When they asked for submissions, they wanted plays to encompass all aspects of the female experience, so I sent one about murderesses and one about ponies. They picked murder, so take from that what you will.
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We got a nice shout out in the City Paper -

"Pair female playwrights with female directors and what do you get? One wifebeater, one torched husband, and one boyfriend shown the door for violent behavior (including fly-swatting). And that’s just in the first 30 minutes."

The torched husband? Totally my play. It always makes me happy when my piece gets into the tag line.

"Supplies" came out of an exercise in the Horizon Theater Apprentice Company where we took inspiration from "News of the Weird" pieces. Supplies stemmed from two pieces, one detailing an Autralian woman's accidental burning of her husband (it's okay, she only meant to torch his junk), and a Texas man who let his "friends" set his prosthetic leg on fire. "Supplies" is about a hardware store that caters to exactly that clientele and what happens when a possibly innocent bystander steps in.

Hmm. I wonder why most of my ten minute plays end in murder. Comic murder!


Anyway, apparently it's working, because Shelterbelt Theatre in Nebraska has picked up "Supplies" for their Shelterskelter Halloween show in October. Hooray! My Cornhusker state debut!

In the meantime, the Philly Fringe show has a few more performances this weekend, and for those of you not in Philadelphia, you can hear a podcast with some of the other playwrights involved, or catch a video of "Fly Away" another ten minute play in the show. It's all the phun of philly phringe, but p(h)ortable.


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