Fringe PlayList: Mother's Day

Next Sunday is Mother's Day, and what better way to celebrate than taking your mommy out to see a show! My mommy has already made her Fringe PlayList, but here are a few shows your mommy might like.

Threads: The True Story of an Indiana Farm Girl in Vietnam

Five soldiers surround my bed, all of them have guns pointed at my head...
Welcome to Vietnam.

Working from interviews with her own mother, Portland-based performer Tonya Jone Miller created "Threads" based on her mother's experience teaching English at the Buddhist university in Saigon in 1968. She began these interviews as a way to connect with the Vietnamese part of her heritage, but it became a way to connect with her mother and her experiences. It's a heartfelt, deeply personal story, that will resonate with mothers and daughters, and anyone who has a story to share.

Junkyard Dogs
 Writer/Performer Amy Patinella shares stories from growing up in the seventies in "Junkyard Dogs" - the story of a nuclear family...that became atomic. 

Her production company has been sharing quotes from the show (and B-52s lyrics!) on their Facebook page:
"Regrets are as good as apologies. Open doors are as good as invitations. And good memories are nothing but remembering the past, forgivingly. Improving history requires a certain amount of... amnesia."

Sounds like some solid wisdom to me. Plus, they're friends with Underscore Theater Company home to the incomparable Laura Stratford, so clearly they have excellent taste. Welcome to Atlanta, Amy!
This show even has "Mama" in the title! And yes, it's about what you think it's about.

True women’s issues are explored and channeled from the Oakland projects living room of 100-year-old Great-Grandma Suga Babe. Mama Juggs has been performed to ovations from audiences in the rainforest of Cameroon to the theaters of Greenwich Village...
The award-winning, coolest, craziest comedy and solo theatrical drama on breast health you’ll ever see!

Don't believe it? Watch the video!


Another play with Mom in the title, but maybe less of a play you take your mom to, and more of a play Justin Timberlake takes your mom to. (NSFW link, duh)

MILF, a revenge fantasy within a morality play about a woman, her mother, and a potential lover. Having grown up in the shadow of her mother’s sexual prowess, Anelise has tried to use different tactics to define herself. But when her mother’s behavior strikes too close to home, she reaches a breaking point.

MILF is  a "Bring Your Own Venue" show,  so the schedule is different, be sure to check out the website for details.

And, of course, the ultimate play about motherhood (but with a particularly Fringe twist):

(Vampire) Medea
 A heart-warming tale of family cohesion and the conquering power of a mother's love--

Oh wait. No it isn't. But you'd be hard-pressed to find a more bad-ass mother in the canon of western drama. Just be extra nice to your mommy, in case she gets any ideas.



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