Grayson Finds Nemo

Bye cars!
We're in the midst of "Winter Storm Nemo", or as the National Weather Service calls it "A Big Ol' Blizzard," because the NWS does not name winter storms. According to NPR, naming them is part of the hype cycle of storms, forcing everyone to immediately go to Shop Rite and buy all the good bread before I get there.

Now I've seen some snow in my time. I am no winter wimp. I was a stalwart Minnesotan for years, and have shoveled a drive or two. But when I looked out my kitchen window and could barely see the tops of the cars parked outside, I was a bit intimidated.

Okay, maybe lots intimidated. And it was still coming down.

But I did not let myself despair. I knew I would triumph. Grayson, on the other hand, was less impressed.
 And being the considerate dog mommy I am, I took embarrassing pictures of her.

And videos!

Don't worry, she's fine. She immediately retreated back under the blankets, and is now sitting next to me on the couch in the one patch of sunshine in the house. Though her Iditarod dreams are at the very least postponed, I think she'll recover. But she does seem a little wistful when she sees photos like this.


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