Home again, home again.

Good things - food that isn't from the dining hall, dogs, the chickens, zero humidity, avocados

Things I miss - friends, privacy, all the clothes I shipped instead of packed (oops), freedom, privacy, non-dial up internet, friends, the library, being able to walk to things, friends, and the ability to make coherent lists.

I came home to find a new dog. The one I'd had since I was very small died of cancer this winter, and in order to keep our other dog company, my family adopted an adult dog named Milo "THE DESTRUCTOR" (we didn't know the second part of his name when we got him). So, now our house is littered with little pieces of toys and balls and whatever else he could find. They're like little black piranhas - they find a toy and one of them rips it open and the other one pulls all of the stuffing out of it, and then they fight over the brightly colored hides. They can skeletonize a can of tennis balls in a minute flat, and by skeletonize I mean tear all of the green fuzz off and noisily dismember the rubber ball within. It's been an amazing learning experience. Did you know, for example, that baseball are filled with either balls of string that can be unraveled all over the living room or just sawdust, which can be sprinkled in soggy wet piles down the stairs? We do. It's swell.

Actually, it's pretty cute. Milo lies on his back and rips out the stuffing with his paws like a sea otter. So far, he has brought everything to one of us first for approval before he rips it apart, so nothing particularly devastating has been devastated.

In other news, I've decided that I need to read again. I'm on a desperate hunt for "A Prayer for Owen Meaney," which I somehow haven't read yet. I know, lame. But, soon to be amended. Other goals for the summer include:
1. work out and train so I can walk long distances in Europe and still look stylish
2. figure out how to look stylish to begin with
3. finish the second draft of my one act (I'm giving the main character a personality. May help, eh?)
4. update my blog regularly
5. visit people back at school
6. see Urinetown (it's in town! yay!)
7. watch more crappy tv than I should ("Next" anyone?)

So far, i've made great progress on #7. There was a bunch of "What Not to Wear" on today, which I consider multi-tasking (see #2). Lucky Stacy and Clinton. I wish people would pay me to be snarky.


SK said…
I like #5 the best. You should get on that one. and then we can do #7 and #2 together! oh i feel like this could start sounding so dirty so quickly... especially if Rachel Carroll does them with us...

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