Stick with me, I'm new at this...

Hello general digital world.

I'm not sure if I have anything new and fascinating to say, or if there's even anyone listening, but I'm going to talk anyway. I guess.

This is not a voluntary blog; I was impressed into this digital community by a professor who's taking a bunch of us to Europe to be avant garde. I'm, um, totally stoked. Like, way totally stoked.

I'm also Californian. Bear with me.

Ack, I almost typed a little sideways smiley thingy. Ugh. Apparently, there are preschoolers who now draw all smiley faces as sideways because that's how they think smiley faces have always been. This is kind of a crazy-ass world to grow up in, and thanks to the billions of blogs out there, all our collective angst can be documented. Sweet.

So I'm not necessarily anyone special or influential, and there probably won't be any Pulitzer-worthy material here, but I'm a person with thoughts and stuff, and I guess that means that I get a blog, so everyone with a computer and enough time to read this can hear about it.

Hey, it's a crazy-ass world.


Derek Deren said…
So, copying people, are we? Hmm...

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