Look Ma, I'm a Vlogger!

Guess what?!!?! I spent a good part of yesterday clambering around on the playground equipment outside our apartments with a camera and edited pretty much all of last night that wasn’t taken up by the wonderful dinner party Joe, Kristen and Jeremy threw (complete with delicious spaghetti, swing dancing, my chocolate fondue, and an exploding table and wine glass), and voila! I gots me a vlog!!!

By the way, if you’re looking for either a place to host your stuff, or a repository of other people’s stuff, check out blip.tv They’re a pretty sweet site and I just put the other videos on my blog up there, so check them out. In fact, today my movie "The Dead Menace" is on their "Don't Miss" list!!
But, first – my inaugural videoblog post - complete with Garageband soundtrack, one-handed camera work and a really cool shot of me going down a slide. Enjoy!

Watch the Video

Or watch it with Quicktime here


glitch p-udding said…
i just put your first videoblog post up on the "don't miss" list as well.

i really enjoyed it. keep 'em coming!

Gena said…
Welcome. The thing is there is so much to talk about that there is a place for just about everybody. I also think it is very important for creators, creatives, doodlers and anyone who wants to to make a blog or vlog. Even if they try it just once.

This is the time, if you want to or not. There is now a choice.

You don't have to vlog all of the time. Mix and match. Go with the flow. Your mileage will vary.

Main thing is have fun. I promise that if you keep blogging/vlogging the adventures are gonna run up and hug you. They have for me.
laura said…
Oh man, that made me really happy. I don't think I realized just how much I miss you until I could actually see and hear you. Wow, I'm embarrassed, I'm almost tearing up. You have a lot to share, hon, and I eagerly await the next post.
max said…
Yay adventures! And yes, they pretty much always involve getting lost and at least in the Teagle-Max Adventures! series they involved the Ugo beast and inclement driving conditions.

Oh, and yay Berlin! If you can find a beer called Andechs anywhere (check out Kaufhoff (or Kaufhaus; I can't really remember what it's called anymore); they generally have a pretty good selection), try it. Def my fav.

Bis spaeter!
Pechous said…
Book you're thinking of was about a woman named Martha Ballard, from the book _A Midwife's Tale_ by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.

Just thought your eager fans would want to know. :)
Bicyclemark said…
I hear the EU is moving towards the Gooseberry single currency actually. See.. you're right on top of these current events.

Seriously tho.. I enjoyed this first vlog like I enjoyed the Belgian marzepan chocolate I ate this afternoon. I might one day learn to spell marzepan too.. that will be a great day. Im adding you to my vlog roll.. because thats where you belong.. with ze vloggers!
hey Rachel, extremely nice first vlog! As promised in Amsterdam, I'd try to follow you guys, so there, I'm subscribed, to what I now will just call Mochas...mmmm

(PS@Mark: it's 'Marsepein' :))
Spit and Glue said…
I'm soo disappointed. Your vlog wouldn't play for some reason, but I'm not giving up! More later...

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