UNCO returns!

As finals approach, I find myself actively seeking out other things to do than study or work on my paper. Other things like working on publicity for UNCO, the summer stock theater company I'm doing, um, this summer.
You should check out our company blog here. It's just the company profile and cast lists so far, but as we actually get going, we hope to have a fair amount of material up.
UNCO's pretty cool. For those uninitiated to the Uninvited Company, groups of college students in Northfield, Minnesota have stayed at Carleton over the summer to put on plays for the townsfolk. But for one reason or another, after over thirty years of UNCO, a company was not formed last year, and Northfield was, sadly, an UNCO free zone.

It was widely assumed that this lapse indicated the end of the Univited Company for all time, but my buddy Hal Edmonson and I worked our butts off and now UNCO is back, seventeen Carleton students strong (For insurance reasons, we weren't allowed to bring students from St. Olaf into the company like before, but we hope to eventually bring back the Oles, as soon as we've gotten back on track).

So now we're back! And our first show is quite a doozy - Arthur Miller's searing indictment of the American war machine, All My Sons on Fourth of July weekend. We're basing the posters on World War II propaganda.

Here's a rationing poster that we liked the layout of.

And here's the poster we came up with. Yeah, I know, the factory is never explicitly named, and even if it were, it wouldn't be "Keller and Son," but it's kind of what Joe Keller sees it as, or as it could be.
Notice the ever-so-subtle upside down American flag.

Here's a really graphically strong pilot poster, which given the fate of Keller's son Larry, becomes a very powerful image.

And here's my budding photoshop skills.

So, if you're in or around Northfield, most definitely check us out. Ticket information at the website.


wordy_explorer said…
Hey babe! How do I link up my blog with your's and unco's?

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