Profiles in Orange Continue

So I have this nasty habit of promising video blog series (see my Holiday Vlog "Series", which was an epic two videos long)

But! This time I actually did it! ha HA! Behold the continuation of the promised "Profiles in Orange" video series of cast interviews for our upcoming fringe show.On the previous post you can find the inaugural interview with Alex Higgin-Houser, who plays the uptight office manager and the less uptight Unabomber.

And here you can find the marvelous Ms. Sarah Duane, who plays the sexpot secretary and Baha'i tech girl. Sarah is a rising sophomore at Carleton College who is active in improvisational comedy. She's cute as a button. I personally fell in love with her from the moment she stepped onstage this fall as an insane prisoner making necklaces out of rat bones for arts and crafts. Ah memories.

And here is Naysan Mojgani, who plays Hal the job applicant and the mysterious Doctor Orton. Naysan graduated from Carleton in 2006 and since then, has been working in the theatre up in Minneapolis. He was an intern at the dearly departed Jeune Lune, and directed for Hardcover Theater's Dark Side of the Brothers Grimm and 3 AM Productions recent Romeo and Juliet. Naysan was one of my directing mentors when I was at Carleton, and it give me endless pleasure to boss him around now. I'm especially proud of the freeze frame.

And the fourth Profile will be forthcoming. It's about halfway edited on my laptop as we speak (type? read?). I just need to find an appropriate opening slide, as our final actor recently underwent painful surgery and the strong painkillers he had just finished taken are very very apparent in his interview. But he's getting better every day, and we should have a much happier and coherent Quentin when we open this Saturday.

So check out our company blog, buy your tickets, and come to the show!!


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