Planting Shelly Ann Opens tonight!

Tonight, at the Playwright's Center, Jeannine Coulombe's Planting Shelly Anne has its first performance, and if you're in the area, it's worth the trip to see this "very funny drama for anyone who has a to-do list." The play follows a dynamic woman as she deals with problems as mundane as laundry and as epic as global warming in a fast-paced, high stress world. Is our way of life sustainable, not just environmentally, but emotionally?

For the last few weeks, I've had the distinct pleasure of assisting the wonderful Kristin Horton in directing this funny, poignant show and I'm very excited to get to share it with audiences.

We've gotten some great press coverage so far. There's a lovely radio piece from MPR, an article in the Bridge, and this video from local arts vlog Three Minute Egg

Workhaus Collective is truly a unique company consisting of playwrights producing their own work. They rotate leadership positions and the playwright of the play they are currently producing serves as artistic director. It's an interesting model and it foregrounds the importance of the writer. But the collective is more than that and seeing how supportive and invested the other collective members have been to Jeannine's play shows why the structure works. These are working playwrights who made a space of their own to develop their work, and seeing the play develop and evolve through rehearsals will definitely help inform my process. As a playwright and director, it's great to see this work. And I'm thrilled that other people will be able to see the world we've made.

The show runs through February 13th at the Playwrights'Center and features a talented cast tackling multiple roles and a lead who will charm the pants off you. (Pants will be returned in the lobby after the show). Hope to see you there!


Max said…
But what if I don't want my pants back?

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