Lucky Number 100?

Last night, the Minnesota Fringe Festival did their lottery to determine who will be performing next summer. Ben and I had two ping pong balls in, and we ended up being number 100 and 138 on the wait list.

That's right, our best number was 100. On the 161 person wait list. You can see the results here. We're Questionable Company Theater and Knife in the Back Productions.

But a lot of our friends did get in (hooray for you!) and we may find a way to do a show this summer after all. Still, it's really disappointing to not be officially in this year, because doing the Fringe last year completely rocked.

So, here's to hoping that a hundred shows drop out! Hooray!



Max said…
I'm sorry you didn't get in- that really, really, really sucks. If you need some cheering up, I'm always just a hop, skip and a bus transit away.

And that's a really adorable dog pic that reminds me of my puppy. Going to howl for a bit now.

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