Boy Howdy!


It has been quite a long time since I've updated.

Well, lots of stuff has happened. First the mighty Panda Sandwich Sketch Comedy troupe has been putting on a monthly show at Kieran's Irish Pub. We've also got a snazzy new website (designed by Ben with my adorable delicious Panda Sandwich graphics) at Our last show of our fall season is coming up on December 15th, namely Panda Sandwich Presents: Apology Accepted. (end first plug)

I also had a public reading of my first full length play, Pain in the Neck, a comedy about love, bisexuality and vampires. John Heimbuch of Walking Shadow Theatre directed, and he rounded up some really really awesome actors to read. I am always astounded by what good, thoughful, inventive actors can bring to text. They made me look smart and funny. In fact, one of those smart, funny actors (the ass-kicking Clarence Wethern) is starring in Walking Shadow's next show:Some Girl(s) by Neil LaBute which opens November 20th. (end plug #2)

I know what some of you are thinking. "Gee, that's all well and good, but I live in New York and don't care about your midwestern plugs."

Au contraire, my cultured and snobbish friends. My bestestbestestbestbest friend Ms. Jessica Fleitman has some pluggable stuff on the horizon as well. State of Play Theatre is workshopping her play The Average Sized Mermaid. There's a preview scene coming up on December 14th and an invited reading this weekend at the Dramatist's Guild, which I have no idea how to get invited to. Oh well. You can check here for more information about the project, plus a neat synopsis.

Oh, and the tag line? Be Careful What You Fish For.

I know. I miss her. Her puns make my heart vomit with joy.

Well, with that that delightful image in mind, I'd like to put out a peace offering, in order to make up for that long blog dry-spell. Thus I present to you a clip from Panda Sandwich's summer show. I now present DIVE BAR!: THE MUSICAL!*

*May contain beer drinking, sex jokes, and swears. Hi Nana!


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