Guest Posting at Minnesota Microphone and Mr. Butlertron

I was strong-armed into guest blogging for Minnesota Microphone, a spoken word blog run by the irresistably charming Ink Tea, way back in September, and everything else finally calmed down enough that it got posted.

So, if you want a quippy recap of a poetry slam through the eyes of yours truly, check out "Baby's First Slam". The lovely photographs are by Kimberly Lesley.

I have the good fortune of finding myself surrounded by poets and storytellers lately, between my slam poet buddies, the Rockstar Storytellers, and tonight's Tellabration, I am itching to write more. The full length play and I are taking a break, so I've been flirting with poetry again. So far, I've got a love poem to buffalo wings, one about not being good at riding my bike, and the "apocalypse baby" poem I cribbed from my stand up. It feels good to play with words again.

In unrelated news, I made an AWESOME Halloween costume.

That's right off-beat animation fans! We were Principal Cinnamon J. Scudworth and Mr. Butlertron, assistant principal/de-humidifier, from MTV's obscure and short-lived cartoon Clone High where clones of famous people attend high school together. Students included Abraham Lincoln, George Washington Carver, Cleopatra, and JFK with appearances by Ponce de Leon, Marie Antoinette, the mutated DNA of Marie Curie and more! Like I said, obscure and short-lived.

The three people who got it were very impressed.

Here's a reference photo so you can see how great we are:

My Butlertron dress was a huge thrifted red t-shirt altered to look a magical cardigan sweater vest with scrap fabric for the shirt front and bow tie. The claws were made out of duct tape and cardboard in the car. It made the responsible consumption of beverages an exciting challenge.

I made the sweet antennae out of wire and cardboard, and when I flew back it set off the X-Ray machine. I said that it was probably my homemade robot antennae, and the TSA guy gave me a quizzical look and remarked that they did not see many homemade robot antennae come through here. I also attached duct tape wheels to my boots, which I have not yet removed. I secretly wear them to work.

I bet they make me walk faster.


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