The Afterglow/math

Back home, back from Fringe, back to work, back to cleaning up the house, back to saying my name without people going, "Oh, you believe in ghosts, right?"

This festival definitely made me hungry to tour. Between Grind and Ben and Kurt I was a very jealous little solo performer indeed. Someday, my friends, someday. Although, RTBiG is getting its Atlanta debut in October at Serebe Playhouse in Palmetto, GA, so that's like a two city tour, right? I was just up there for a solo performance festival and there's a big picture of me in the box office window. It was simultaneously awesome and terrifying.

But for now, back to doing important things, like making my own Scott Pilgrim Avatar I look forward to nerding out about many future Edgar Wright projects. Also to yelling "I'm Bi-Furious!" and kicking someone in the throat with my ninja powers.

Speaking of important things, I have engaged in a blog war with Mr. Max. If he hasn't posted by this Wednesday, bombard him with pictures of animals in hats and humiliating comments.


Max said…
Well, I LIKE pictures of animals in hats! Hah!

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