Hello Updated Trailer!

Why it is good to see you, ATLANTA PREMIERE TRAILER. How have you been? Excited? OUTDOORS in the ACTUAL WOODS?! Full of LIVE BANJO PLAYER?!?!

Yup. I'm remounting the Fringe show. But not in a normal theater, like all the "cool kids" do. We're doing it in the middle of woods around a campfire. There may be cider.

And the gentleman responsible? Why, Mr. Brian Clowdus, head of the Serenbe Playhouse and currently gallumphing his way across the 14th street playhouse as Miss Texas in Pageant The Musical.

Fortunately for me, Brian is much nicer than Miss Texas.

Fortunately for you, Pageant is running through October 24th. So, you can see him tap in sequins, then let us fill your Halloween weekend with ghost stories and banjo and cider.

All good things.


Max said…
Looks awesome Teags!
Max said…
*cough cough*

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