New and Exciting Things

Hey Puppies and Kittens!

After a long blog break, I am back with exciting news that I will list for your reading pleasure.

1 - I successfully completed the Horizon Theatre Apprentice Program, and came out with lots of new scripts, new friends and contacts, and the memory of the artistic director's face during my play as a man made love to a couch on his stage (that was a fun script). Incidentally, if anyone wants to produce a sweet little one act chock full of dream sequences, tantric mime,and a very sensual couch, let me know. I even wound up writing another robot play, to replace the first robot play I almost wrote for the joint stock project. Maybe I just really miss Ben Egerman.

2 - The Milburn Stone Theater in Cecil County Maryland produced Covert Operations as part of their Emerging Artist(s) Project. I didn't get to see it, but it did get a nice little review in the Stage Partners newsletter. I was compared to Sid Caesar. I can die happy.

But I won't, because I've got too much cool stuff to do, like:

3 - Serenbe Playhouse's THE UGLY DUCKLING, directed by Brian Clowdus, choreography by Joanna Brooks and text by Me!
We go into rehearsals later this month and I can't wait. The cast is set, the script is done, the director's ready to go, the choreographer's in a cast...

Yeah. Whoops. But she's got a plan, and she's tough as nails, and now one of feet is a club.

Plus the promotional pictures are gorgeous, see?

They're taken by Loran Hygema who also shot the gorgeous firelight pictures of Rachel Teagle Believes in Ghosts last fall.

The show opens July 2nd and runs through August 28th.

And I just found out July's going to be a busy month in Rachel Teagle land, because:

4 - "A Pain in the Neck" has been selected as part of the Essential Theater's Bare Essentials Reading Series! Yep, the little Lesbian Vampire Play that could, (which had its first public reading at Bedlam two years ago) was selected as a finalist in their playwriting competition and thus gets an awesome staged reading. This one came out of the blue, and it was a lovely lovely surprise. Plus their synopsis is super cute: "Mina thinks her girlfriend might be cheating on her -- with a man, which would be bad enough, but he could also be a vampire, which would really suck. (Sorry.)"

And speaking of punny show descriptions, a certain New York friend of mine, should be careful what she fishes for, because:

5- Jessica Fleitman's The Average Sized Mermaid is getting produced in the 2011 New York Fringe!! I am so proud of my wee little Jess Jess, and I can't wait to aggressively stalk the production merblog. Get your butts down there! August! 2011! Average Sized Mermaids! Yay!

There's more cool stuff coming (like Ben's new dark puppet apocalypse-a-ganza) but for now, I need to go sit in front of a fan and melt. I miss Hothlanta.


Heather said…
The duckling show looks awesome! River women with hands behind their heads! Yes!

Nice sexy couch usage, that also sounds delightful!

You are amazing.

Now get back over here!

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