Embarking on a Binge

Good Luck, And Don't Monk It Up.
This month, as part of an effort to kick my own butt, I will be joining hundreds of fellow playwrights in a marketing binge where we strive to submit a play a day for the month of March. So far, so good. I've got four scripts sent in three days, and I'm starting to make grand plans for the next 28. I don't know that anything will come of this. There are some interesting blog posts about the efficiency of blind submissions that seem to indicate that most full-length productions come from personal relationships with theaters, but in 2011, almost 75% of playwrights who participated in the marketing binge got a production, publication, or reading out of it. Man, I like those odds. I've had a lot of success with my playwriting - numerous productions of ten minute plays, a couple of one acts, and the very successful children's shows with Serenbe Playhouse - but I really want to get one of my longer pieces picked up. And here's to hoping, it'll start this month...


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