The Bees are a - Buzz!

There’s something about the electric, DIY energy of the fringe that makes the audience want to get up out of their seats and make all the art they can. And that, I do believe, will save us all.

My Buzz Intro interview just went live over on the ATL Fringe Buzz Tumblr, where they are highlighting each artist in this year's festival. I talk about my upcoming solo show Queen of Delicious Animals It includes such gems as:
What inspired you to create this?
Actually, this show started fomenting during last year’s festival, when my mother, who was one of our stalwart volunteers, kept telling embarrassing stories about my childhood and all my farm-animal-related mishaps in the 4H program. One of the performers was particularly tickled by all this, and thought it would make a good show, and here I am, getting ready to share my triumph and humiliation with an audience.
If your show was an animal at the Atlanta Zoo, what would it be?
Clearly, my show will be the most delicious animal, which is the Sun Bear, for its rich gamey flavor and unexpected sweetness.

CHECK IT OUT! I'll be sifting through some of the other artist's interviews and posting some highlights here, but you should go check out those crazy kids too.

 Just, you know, read mine first...


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