ATL Fringe Buzz: For the Nerds

The Atlanta Fringe Tumblr is up and running, and there are a whole mess of awesome artist profiles for their upcoming festival. Definitely go over and give it a little sneak peek to whet your appetite for the shows coming in June (AAAAH! TWO MONTHS AWAY!!)

 Up first, in honor of the return of Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, I thought I'd highlight some of the shows (so far) with a little something to offer us nerds.

First up is Pete Ludovice, a fellow solo performer with Feel the Power of the Dork Side.
 Promising, eh?
 A bit from Pete:
It’s a hilarious look at science & technology and their practitioners, starring the World’s only engineering professor by day and stand-up comedian by night. Not only will you learn about applications of statistical mechanics beyond curing insomnia, you’ll realize that nerds can be funny and not just funny-looking. It’s the unique perspective that only 20 years of teaching and research at Georgia Tech combined with 10 years of stand-up comedy on the road can provide.
This educated funnyman also hosts Inside the Black Box, a weekly science and technology radio show with the tagline, "Science, only funnier."

Next up is one of the most enthusiastic tumblr interviews so far, from YES/AND Theatre Company, and their show Jett Backpack and the End of the Universe.

It may not be the most informative post, but it definitely sounds like these are the guys to hang with.

3. What inspired you to create this?
Josh: How can I answer this without sounding pompous?
Dorothy: Lots of whiskey and a Flash Gordon marathon.
Josh: The show is a blender we have put all these things we love into: it’s filled with sci-fi tropes, theatricality, and weird sexuality.
Dorothy: It’s not weird if it’s in space, Josh.

But my favorite answer:

7. If your show was an animal at the Atlanta Zoo, what would it be? 
Dorothy, Josh and Kevin: A Tyrannosaurs Rex! With a Jet Pack!
Jen: That isn’t at the Atlanta Zoo, guys.
Josh: What is the animal that you have to go see as soon as you walk into the zoo?
Kevin: Meerkats.
Jen: Really?
Dorothy: What is this thing for again?
Josh: Bears or nothing!
Dorothy: BEAR-O-DACTYL!!!
All: Sold. Next question.

Fly free, you mighty Bear-o-dactyls, fly free and proud.


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