Atl Fringe Buzz: Title Contenders

The Atlanta Fringe Buzz Tumblr is running a bunch of artist interviews to get you ready and rarin' to go for the Festival in June. Here are a couple shows whose titles definitely caught my attention.

Actor and writer Jamie Black brings us It's my Penis and I'll Cry if I Want To, which is going to be a hard (hee) title to beat.

The interview is immensely charming. Observe:

Q. Random Atlanta Couple Who Doesn’t Ordinarily Go To These Sorts of Things (RACWDOGTTST, for short) wanders into your show blind. What happens to them? Are their minds blown? Are they freaked out? Are they seduced by your gentle artistry?

A: Well if they come in blind, they might trip over the carpet runner. Then they’ll sit and listen to what I’m saying without any judgment because they’ll have to use their other senses and be totally in tune with me. And yes, their minds will be blown. And they will be touched in a deep way and go home and seduce each other in a whole new way.

Well played, Jamie Black. Well played.

Another eye-catching title (and company name) is Sob Songs for the Gilded Age's show Krog! 
(or, as their three word description reads: Krog! Krog! Krog!)

 It takes its name from the Krog Tunnel, a railway underpass which has inspired monthly shows from this enterprising duo. I am super sad that I didn't get to catch a Krog show when I still lived in Atlanta, because these guys sound nuts.

Q. Why Atlanta?
A. We won’t lie. Atlanta is a sinking shithole of a town. We could leave here and go somewhere else, but we will not. Do you know what happens to those who run from trouble? They get shot in the back. Instead of fleeing for greener pastures, we have decided to take our stand on Dekalb Avenue. No more will we be jealous of places like Brooklyn, or Seattle in the 90s, Athens GA in the 80s, Paris in the 20s, and Egypt in 2500’s BCE. We will celebrate our trash-strewn superlocal heritage, focusing our gaze on the Krog Street Tunnel, using it as a lens to view over 5 billions years of chaos and coincidence, filth and fury, yin and yang, cause and effect, right and wrong and left behind.

And if they were an animal in the Atlanta Zoo, they would be "A century-old Giant Tortoise covered with swear words."

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Another unusual title can be found in Tickles.TV's  Funnel Cake Flowers & The Urban Chameleons.

I've seen bits and pieces of this read at a writing workshop and I am very eager to see what it looks like up on its feet. And I think the Fringe will be a great venue for this edgy comedy. You can't get much fringe-ier than naming your main character Funnel Cake, right?

Q. Why should anybody see your show?
A. Because being a person of color living in America is absolutely exhausting and people deserve to know the real reason why. Also, if you happen to ever wonder if your Black friends think you’re racist or why you don’t have any Black friends, you might want to attend my show.

Q. What inspired you to create this?
A. That’s like asking what makes me order a two-pump soy chai latte? Obviously, to digest the bangin’ curry goat with rice and peas I just ate.

Great, now I'm hungry.

Plus, Funnel Cake made the same Joan Crawford joke I did, so we're automatically buds.

Stay tuned for more fringe updates. Can't wait to see you all at the festival!


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