Come With Me...

A musical interlude from Ben Egerman and John McConville, two members of Panda Sandwich Sketch Comedy, a group which also includes this pretty lady and other talented folks.

We're nine days from showtime (eeek!) and we'd love to see you there. We're the first half of a double-header that includes "WTF in the Garden of Eden" a short play by Adam Sharp and Bethany Simmons of "10.10 Post 9-11" fame. We run Wednesday July 22-25th at Bedlam Theatre on the West Bank in Minneapolis. The link above is also how you reserve tickets! Hooray!

You can even be Panda Sandwich's Facebook Fan because we're like that.

If you can't make it to the show, you can still support our efforts by donating to our cause. For any donation $25 and over, we will honor their generosity with a celebratory song or poem on the subject matter of their choosing. Shoot us an email at pandabox DOT info AT gmail DOT com. These sweet celebratory masterpieces will be posted on our blog, and probably cross-posted over here because I'm sneaky like that.

So enjoy our song, more content to come, and see our show in nine days (eek!)


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