What Kind of Sandwich IS a Panda Sandwich?

Apparently, an ice cream sandwich, as evidenced by our logo. Maybe I just wanted ice cream. Maybe I'm not too good at rendering lettuce in Illustrator. Maybe it doesn't matter, because you're going to come see this show.

You see, Questionable Company Theatre along with Box Wine Theatre Company (of last Fringe's 10.10 Post 9-11, are presenting a double header of entertainment we call Pre-Fringe Appetizers: Two Courses of Comedy over at the incomparable Bedlam Theatre on the West Bank. The first act will be sketch comedy from the aforementioned PANDA SANDWICH! a new sketch comedy group full of love, carnies, and musical interludes. And by love, I mean unicorns as thinly veiled metaphors.

After enjoying some of Bedlam's potables at the interval, Box Wine Theatre whips out "WTF in the Garden of Eden" a short play by Adam Sharp and Bethany Simmons, which features Russell O'Connell, previous featured on this blog brandishing nunchucks and middle-school dancing to "Take My Breath Away".

So mark your calendars - July 22-25th, show at 7:30, doors at 7. Ginormous after party following opening night with live music, a dj, improv, stand up, spoken word, and other awesome things.

Do you like awesome? Come to the show.


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