Last Night of Pre-Fringe Appetizers!!

(crossposted from Questionable Company Theatre)

Tonight marks the triumphant conclusion of Pre-Fringe Appetizers: Two Courses of Comedy. So if you haven't yet tasted the endanger-licous-ness that is Panda Sandwich and the forbidden fruit that is WTF in the Garden of Eden, you should get your little behind down to Bedlam Theatre tonight and catch our very last Bedlam Performance.

We're also bringing back our fabulous "Bring Two - Get in Free!" deal we ran last year for Orange. If you think you can get 2 or more people to come see the show with you, email ben.egerman AT gmail dot com saying so, and we'll have a comp ticket waiting for you at the door!

This is a mega-sweet show full of mega-sweet people and we'd love to share our awesome with you. And for our closing show, I am offering free hugs to anyone who asks me. So come on down to Bedlam tonight at 7:30 for some laughs, some beer, and a hug from the Teagle-maister herself.


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