Gold, please!

DUN DUN dundunDUNDUN dun dun!

Behold! Olympic Glory is mine!

It was a little dicey there at the end. I managed to get all my creatures knit and stuffed, and I was feeling pretty confident Saturday night.

Then Sunday morning rolled around and I started putting on the finishing touches. The pattern had called for pipe cleaners to fill the dangly thing, but I decided I'd try to make it work without it.
Hmm. Guess not.

Then I realized I had bigger problems.

Dammit! I didn't have time for this.

I made the executive decision that I did not have time to run out and chase down pipe cleaners (as the nearest craft store is a good half hour away and I had to get to rehearsal), so I improvised. Using medium gauge wire and pliers, I made my own darn pipe cleaners, stuffed them in, and voila! Semi-posable sea creatures!

I gave the angler beady little eyes and angry eyebrows to make it more menacing.

The kraken only has 6 regular tentacles and 2 "grabbing tentacles" because I was running out of yarn. It's still bendable and stripey.

I made him with the last of the self patterning sock yarn I got last year.
Actually, I managed to make everything from stash yarn, which my wallet and I are quite pleased with.

And here's the whole crew, oral arm in tentacle in eye-stalk thing. I think they look very accomplished.

This weekend is your last chance to see Synchronicity's "Women + War" The lovely Ms. Lee, the other stage management intern kept a tumblr about the rehearsal process, you can check it out here for the inside scoop. If you're in the metro-Atlanta area, come on down to seven stages. It's an awesome show.

Plus the gal running lights is awesome. She made an anglerfish!


Max said…
I like the beady eyes on the anglerfish... very nice last minute decision on the gage wire. I'm using it for a lot of my models right now and it's working like a charm!

And, because I can't look at the squid without thinking this... RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

I'm done now.

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