Welcome! Bienvenue!

I got home from tech last night and after screwing around on the internet for a while, I decided to check in on when I could start my Olympic knitting, so I could get my yarn set and maybe even swatch a tentacle or two. You know, be responsible.

Turns out, I was 4 hours late. Whoops.

Frantically, I grabbed the little ball of pinky stuff I found at a thrift store and some, oh, I don't know, gray fuzzy stuff I have scads of and frantically knittered away on a jellyfish bell. Two false starts later, I've got most of a jellyfish body done tonight, but no tentacles.

WHOA! Azerbaijan has amazing pajamas! They are pajamas, right?

Sorry about that, I'm watching the opening ceremonies off of nbc.com and could not resist the live-blog urge. It's a little frustrating not having real tv, because I really like having the Olympics on in the background when they're on, and now I have to search specifically for what I want to watch.

Oh, the Czechs have pajamas too, but Azerbaijan's are much better.

It's strange advantage and disadvantage to entertainment on demand. You can always find what you want, but you lose out on that serendipity of channel surfing. So, I don't know how much of the competition I'll actually get to see, because I'm at the mercy of nbc.com and what videos they chose to post. Oh well. I can always just watch Cool Runnings over and over again.


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