Knitting Olympics 2010

Knitters are a wild bunch. Especially when you give them internet. Four years ago, a group of crazies decided to combine their love of cool olympic stuff and the making of warm wooly stuff and vowed to cast on and finish epic knitting projects between the lighting of the torch and closing ceremonies of the Olympics. They deemed it The Knitting Olympics, and led by the Yarn Harlot many knitters experienced the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. And on the verge of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, it's on.

And so, I am jumping into the fray with what I have deemed a "Menacing Sea Life" set.I got this lovely book for my birthday, and I plan to make a jellyfish, an anglerfish, and a kraken.
This may be crazy. I haven't ever knit a little animal before, except the hamster I knit because my roommate got a real hamster and I was jealous. But hamsters don't have tentacles (usually,) much less squiggly oral arms or fangs or light up dangly things that catch smaller and more gullible fish. This should be tough. Maybe even too tough. After all, in Knitting Olympics there is no bronze or silver. There is only Gold or Failure.

If this goes well, next Christmas EVERYONE gets a menacing creature. There is no turning back.


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