9 Seconds of Awesome

This weekend, Turtle Shell Productions' 8 Minute Madness opens in New York, and my little play "Covert Operations" will be a part of the Youth Festival. I'm super excited, I will actually be jetting up for the weekend and spending time with One of my favoritest persons ever and seeing Tim Burton's exhibit at MOMA and maybe even seeing Donny Osmond in a bar like the last time I was in New York.
The festival sends out reports by email, which I am a huge fan of. Usually it's housekeeping stuff that doesn't really affect me, but every once in a while, snippets about my show come up and I can feel like I'm there in the room trying on hats and working on the sneaky entrances.

Today, we got this little video shot by one of the theater's interns. And there's totally 9 seconds of footage of my play. From 0:35 to 0:44. Not that I counted. Enjoy.


Max said…
That was pretty awesome- not as awesome as when I performed in it, but pretty awesome.
Anonymous said…
Isaac's dad again... but you can call me "Eric."

Just a note to fill you in, "Covert Operations" was voted best play in the 8 Minute Madness Playwrights' Festival, for young performers. Not coincidentally (again) Isaac Jin Solstein received the award for best performance.

Congrats all around!

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