Covert Operations in New York

These kids rocked it. I unfortunately couldn't get pictures with the other cast (cheesecake awaited) but I can verify that both sets of kids totally rocked it. Pictured are Rebecca, Jake, and Isaac from Group Carrot's "Covert Operations" and I and my small battalion of friends were immensely impressed with their awesome. There were martial arts flips, a secret spy handshake and a death scene that was about 9 times longer than it absolutely had to be, which was marvelous. In the other group, the brutal violent death scene got spontaneous applause. Thanks kids (and Turtle Shell Production Team)!

At 8 Minute Madness, the audience got to vote on the best production and performances. My battalion and I were more than happy to give our votes to Covert Operations (nepotism!), but as we were filing out into the wee little lobby of the theater, I snuck a peek at the person in front of us, and they had written simply this: "best - spy."

Well, that warmed my heart and was more than enough to keep me thoroughly pleased as we ran around the city (more on that later), and I read my program over and over and over on the plane.

Then I got home, and had this comment on a previous post -

"Isaac's dad again... but you can call me "Eric."

Just a note to fill you in, "Covert Operations" was voted best play in the 8 Minute Madness Playwrights' Festival, for young performers. Not coincidentally (again) Isaac Jin Solstein received the award for best performance.

Congrats all around!"

CONGRATULATIONS INDEED! An excellent job to both casts and thank you so much for acting the heck out of that piece. Thank you!


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