Fringe 2010: Postcard Battle

Hey, remember how I got in to the Minnesota Fringe Festival?

Well, now I have official dates and times for the show! OFFICIAL!

So, if you find yourself at the Rarig Center Xperimental space at the University of Minnesota at any of the following times, you'll see me doing an awesome show:

Thursday August 5th, 8:30pm
Sunday August 8th, 10:00pm
Monday August 9th, 7:00pm
Wednesday August 11th - 8:30pm
Saturday August 14th - 2:30pm

I'm pretty excited to be in the Xbox. I haven't had a show in Rarig before, and I've always been jealous of all the spillover they get. Oh, the Scrimshaws are sold out? Well, 2 feet away is something also awesome, how convenient!

Now all I need to do is make a show. The hugeness of which is now dawning on me. Eek.

To distract myself from all the work I need to do, I started working on the postcard. All the photos were taken on my cell phone at the Oakland Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Atlanta where visitors have been heard a ghostly "roll call" of the confederate dead. I tried to be clandestine in my picture taking, but I'm pretty happy with the quality. Go cell phone camera, go!

So, here's the dilemma, I've got two main images I'm kicking around. One in which I'm unnerved about all the ghosts and one in which I look cute. Thoughts?

That's my second working title. I first played around with something using the phrase "Southern Gothic" as I'm telling ghost stories and moving to Hotlanta stories, but it turns out that people who aren't huge nerd don't know what Southern Gothic means. I'm kinda digging "Rachel Teagle Believes in Ghosts" but am definitely wide open to suggestions. The show's about me moving into a haunted apartment and the ghost stories my friends and family have accumulated, and at least one recreation of an episode of Ghost Hunters.

For a secret preview, check out my first stand up show, because I'm totally thief-ing my Winchester Mystery House bits. Ghost stuff starts about 3 minutes in. Oh, and there's swearing. Yay College!


Heather said…
I love your title! And I like the picture of you with the scared sort of face (the bottom one).

I have a ghost in my apartment. I believe in him.

If I don't he will hit me with his Oscars. Does he have Oscars?

Excited to see you at Fringe! I am at 84 on the waiting list so it looks like I will be in your audience!
Draskireis said…
Scared face. Definitely. Also, your title is excellent.
Max said…
I'm going to go against standard opinion and say go with the non-scared face, you silly superstitious pers- wait, what was that?

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