Blag Love!

(from the brilliant xkcd, in case you live under a rock)

It's time to spread the Blog Love.

First of all, a big giant thank you to uber-blogger Matthew Everett who named Ben Egerman and I Returning Favorites in this year's Fringe. He is a blogging bad-ass, and has already generated more content than I know what to do with. He and his mother are a force of nature come Fringe time.

He's always been super supportive of Ben and I. We previously made him an appreciative and tasteful Panda Graphic, which I will let fly like a warm and fuzzy flag.

Bless you, Matthew Everett. May the Fringe bring many shirtless and attractive blessings to you!

Next, a big bear hug to Laura Stratford and all those other crazy kids over at Grind: the Musicalwho gave me a very kind shout out in her Production Blog. They have some kick ass content, including a flickr stream full of coffee ground shadow art and cavorting.
Continuing adorability

I have no such awesome flickr stream. Production photos are less exciting when they're all of you.


Oh, and by the way, I spent the weekend editing a one minute trailer for a certain online trailer contest. More to come soon...


Laura said…
I would be very excited to see production photos all of you. Especially if you decided to go burlesque for the photo shoot...

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