Final Cuts - Ghost Hunters

Another bit bit the dust today, probably the last major cut before I open in a week.

I've been dancing around the edge of running over the time limit, and after making bunches of piddly cuts, I really wasn't getting anywhere. So, it's time to bite the bullet and cut what was left of a scene I should have cut a while back.

So, here's your DVD-extra, a deleted scene from "RTBiG," in it's original extended version:

No one in the house, living or dead appreciated Ghost Hunters It seems neat, you know? The quest to find scientific evidence of manifestations beyond our concept of reality, but in practice it’s a pretty shitty hour of television This week on Ghost Hunters: Hey guys, we’ve gotten a report that this local building is haunted. Aural, visual manifestations, really great stuff. Good we’ll send out the team. DRIVING! Here we are at this local building. The staff hear ghostly footsteps coming from behind this corner CAMERA TILT And here is where a young art student flung herself from the roof onto a bed of spikes OPPOSITE CAMERA TILT Great, we’ll set up our equipment This measures electro-magnetic fields This photographs heat signatures this just lights up when you push buttons Then the hunting begins Hello? Is anybody here? If anybody’s here, if anybody is in here, please make a noise please please show me that you are here just make a noise any noise tap the table can you tap the table can you push on the table, knock over the table if there’s anybody in here, move the table, move the table like I do, move the table, can you move the table? I’m moving the table does it bother you that I’m moving the table, you don’t like me messing with your precious table, huh, then make a noise do something prove that you’re here mess with this table! (A beat.) What was that? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? (We go to commercial. The lights shift, Rachel grabs a glass of water. We hear a commercial break) [SOUND CUE – Ghost Hunters will return after these messages. Do You like Beer? Do You like Art? Then come on down to Bedlam Theatre – Fringe Central, and enjoy the finest Polish Fusion Food ever served in a Radical Theater Collective. Bedlam Theatre – The Perfect Capper to A Day at the Fringe And now, back to Ghost Hunters] Resuming the scene What was that? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT I don’t know, let’s check the digital voice recorder tomorrow. THE FINDINGS Hey, we had a really great time, this is a fascinating location. Now those phantom lights are actually reflections from car headlights bouncing off your hummel figurines (using flashlight) see? And those footsteps? Well, you’ve got some really fat possums up in the attic, like the size of small standard poodles or large teacup poodles. They’re pretty mad, by the way. But, here’s where it gets interesting. Last night, a member of our team was trying to capture some EVP, electronic voice phenomenon FLASHBACK I’m moving the table does it bother you that I’m moving the table, you don’t like me messing with your precious table huh FLASHFORWARD And he got something pretty interesting. Let’s have a listen. Can you roll that clip? (SOUND CUE - MUFFLED SOUND BITE) Let’s hear it again (SOUND CUE - MUFFLED SOUND BITE) Now what did that sound like to you? Yeah, that’s exactly what we thought. So, great location, we had some great stuff, but really I can’t say anything definite. GHOST HUNTERS!
The show opens in a week, tickets are available online. In the meantime, there's always my Fringey Trailer and the rest of the Fringe website to get your Fringey fix. I know I've been reloading the "In the News" section an embarrassing amount of times.

Plus phillip andrew bennett low is blogging again and. He's two entries in and he's already used barely printable slang. Way to go, phil!

Beyond blagging for the Twin Cities Daily Planet, mr. low will be our special guest performer for the Wednesday August 11 show! So, if you're one of the lucky folks in the X-Box that night, you're in for something creepy, wordy, mimey, and awesome.


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