Guest Performer Convention in Kansas City

If you're at the Kansas City Fringe, you are a lucky person indeed, because the majority of the guest performers for my fringe show are performing there for you, and they're great.

So, go see the uncapitalizable phillip andrew bennett low in Descendent of Dragons, the lovely Laura Stratford in Grind: the Musical and the brilliant Kurt Fitzpatrick in The Last Straight Man in Theater

Plus, according to the internets, they're all hanging out together.

Grind's been prattling away about phil on their blog and phil's returned the favor on his production blog.

He even goes so far as to compare them to a young Ben Egerman and Rachel Teagle, "galloping into view with boatloads of enthusiasm, seizing hold of every opportunity as it arises."

That makes me feel both proud and old.

Now, Kurt and phil are apparently BFFs. They even recorded an adorable (and mildly disconcerting) video together, which I have graciously stolen from his YouTube channel. There's lots of good stuff there.

Plus, you've got to check out Kurt's blog, he's an intense vlogger and his website is spiffy to the point of shaming me.

Kansas City, you are a lucky city indeed.


Laura said…
People who are the best: you.

AAAH, I get to see you soon!

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