Previews and Shilling for Votes

HOORAY!!! The stars aligned and my video preview was in fact shown to real Minneapolitans at the Fringe-For-All Showcase. I got some very nice messages from Rockstar Storyteller and bad ass Amy Salloway whose one-woman show about the largest ball of twine also previewed at the event. Apparently it was a blast. You can watch videos of the previews at their youtube site and pretend you were there too!

And while you're in a video-watchin' mood, check out my trailer at the Fringey Awards. You can vote up to three times for your favorite trailer, and as I just posted mine this weekend, I am in a pretty dismal state. Please don't let the port-a-potties beat me. (Although, Dean Hatton and Kristen Stephen are kick ass mimes and I really really liked Dean's solo show two years ago, so really, it's okay if they beat me. They're awesome.) Still, check out the trailer and shoot me a vote or two or three if you dig it.

I've even embedded the trailer here, so you can watch it all big and lovely like, but you should still sneak over and vote for it

Oh, and I open in 15 days. EEK! HOORAY! EEK!


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