Dress Rehearsal

I hadn't realized how nervous I was.
Creating your own show is pretty lonely. I'm used to having a bigger community to throw stuff at, and a little piece of me was scared that it had secretly sucked all along and I was too far in to notice.

But the verdict is in, law students, actors and dogs agree - thumbs up.


They laughed, they gasped, they cheered. I even got a pretty tulip (that we put in this classy vase) They were very impressed with my use of prop (which I'm super excited to show off. Tee hee!) and we sat around afterwards swapping ghost stories and then hung out a bar and talked like Batman. It all felt good. I feel ready.

Now I need to finalize music, finish programs, and hopefully, put it in front of some more folks tonight.
Tech Tuesday. Showcase (maybe? silly waitlist) Wednesday. Open Thursday.

In the meantime, I've been listening to old bluegrass to get me in the right mindset and I've found some sweet stuff I'd love to share.

This is Dock Boggs singing "Oh Death."

The banjo is extra creepy because it's tuned in G modal, also known as Mountain Minor or Sawmill, the creepiest key known to man. Clarence Ashley is another great old timey bluegrass musician who played a lot of creepy Sawmill songs.

My favorite YouTube find though was this:

It's footage of the Coon Creek Girls playing at the Newport festival. She is going to set that fiddle on fire. Awesome. The Coon Creek Girls were an all girl string band started in the 1930s. As you can see, they kick ass.


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