I was just nominated for Best Solo Performance at Fringe Famous. I am up against Amy Salloway of Entwined and Tom Reed of Bite Me Twilight both of which I've seen and both of which are excellent. So I'm going to get my ass kicked, but it's by amazing and wonderful talented people with kick ass shows, so I'm a thrilled little pumpkin just to be freaking nominated.

You can vote on all sorts of polls over there, so go and vote and stuff

Now I can brag on my postcards next year...


Sarah and Carol said…
Congratulations!!!! You deserve it; your show is awesome.
Emilie said…
I could not find you on facebook - thank goodness for blogger! I enjoyed your show, and just thought of you on my search for a first wonderful (and potentially exciting) b&b trip. I found a b&b in minnesota that's haunted! i'm wondering if you've heard of it - otherwise, you may need to check it out the next time you're in minnesota.

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