Pull Quotes (and Puppies)

Reviews are coming in.

Here are some of the nice things people have said (and pictures of puppies):

Rachel Teagle is a returning favorite of mine for a reason. She's got a wicked sense of humor and she's not afraid to use it. But something I've learned from Rachel Teagle Believes In Ghosts is that she knows how to spin a yarn that'll raise the hair on the back of your neck as well as make you chuckle. These are spooky, as well as personal, stories even a skeptic can enjoy. Because Rachel acknowledges that it could all just as easily be nothing. But what if it isn't? - Matthew Everett, TC Daily Planet

Writer/performer Teagle has a wonderful way of creating a mood and defining a space - Eric Ringham, Star Tribune
She's a very confident performer and exceptionally fine writer who has created something special in her monologue about goose bump-inducing brushes with specters.
She suffuses the stories with evocative sensory details, breathing life into each encounter with the 18th-century redhead outside her apartment window or a visit to an allegedly ghost-designed house...Verdict: Must See- Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press

And some snippets from the Fringe site

It can be a difficult task to keep people awake at a 10 PM show at the end of a long Fringe weekend, especially in a dark and quiet theater, but Rachel can do it because she is interesting, has excellent timing and knows her pacing.
- Mark Long

Rachel obviously believes in herself as much as the ghosts, and I chalk up her performance as one of the most professional I've seen. - Kay Kirscht

Its delivery is natural and flawless, like a good friend sharing polished and precious stories from the past. - Elise Heise

I feel full of puppies. Thanks. And come see tomorrow night's show!


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