Fringe PlayList: Dance

I have the vertical leap of a drunken slug and the rhythm of a frightened mouse on a snare drum, so I don't think that I'd ever call myself a "dancer," but I really really love to watch it. There's something really freeing about watching dancers who know what they are doing, who tell a story or evoke emotions with the simplest gesture or elaborate choreographed movement. And Fringe is an ideal way to be initiated into the world of dance. I think it's particularly refreshing, after a day of listening to people talk, to sit back and use another part of your brain. Seriously, go see some dance! It'll be good for you. Just don't be surprised when it "moves" you.
  Atlanta is home to some really talented dance troupe, and the Fringe Festival is lucky enough to show some off, as well as play host to some innovative national companies.

Our hometown heroes! Rule of 3 is an Atlanta-based production company dedicated to "building immersive worlds and telling compelling stories." Their piece, Chiaroscuro explores 5 distinct mental disorders through a cast of five dancers, one of whom played our beguiling lead swan in Serenbe's Ugly Duckling last summer.

I don't know how one explores mental illness through dance, but they have video excerpts posted on their company website, and it is haunting. I can't wait to see the whole show.

 Sobers & Goodley is a dance partnership known for fusing "physicality, sensuality, and raw beauty to create a real experience for their audience." This piece follows a couple through their relationship, not only in their emotions for each other, but also their quest for self discovery. 
Love and dance go hand in hand, and if the photographs of their work are any indication, this will be a really beautiful piece.
 Making Since is a collection of works by the Ws Project, a collective of dance artists out of Charlotte. It bills itself as "a showcase of the wide range of modern dance possibilities encapsulated in three distinct artistic visions." It sounds like a great way to jump into the world of modern dance and experience three very different choreographer's takes on movement and expression.
Plus, don't you want to jump like that?


 NOCO, or the fresNO dance COllective, is a group out of Fresno, California, home of the Rogue Festival, a spiritual sister to our Atlanta Fringe. This piece is an investigation into the concept of Eternity, utilizing original interviews, video, and choreography, touching on the struggles of life/dead, good/bad, and others, jumping off from the Hebrew Scripture's phrase "Eternity is placed on the human heart"
You can see a trailer from their old kickstarter page, but I think this is one of those projects you just need to come see. How do you fit eternity into 60 minutes? Come find out!


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